About Berlin Reads

What is it?

Berlin Reads is a weekly e-newsletter for all things literary. The newsletter started in December 2013, and publishing has been paused as of June 2014. Stephanie, the creator of Berlin Reads, put the newsletter on hold while moving back to the U.S. and is currently exploring options for continuing the newsletter through long-distance publishing partnerships. Check back in soon for updates!

What does Berlin Reads cover?

Berlin Reads covers everything from bookstore events to freelance job postings to literary news headlines and interviews with Berlin writers. If you are drawn to Berlin's vibrant literary scene but don't know where to start, Berlin Reads is the place to look. If you've been immersed in Berlin's reading and writing culture for years, Berlin Reads is the place to discover new writers, new writing, and new opportunities.

Who's Stephanie?

Stephanie lived in Berlin for over a year through 2013-14. Originally hailing from the U.S., she studied English at Harvard and decided to cross the Atlantic for some adventure and inspiration. Realizing that Berlin lacked one centralized source for all its literary happenings, she launched Berlin Reads as a way to connect and inform Berlin's community of readers and writers. You can learn more about Stephanie at stephanienewman.net.

Who else likes Berlin Reads?

Several of Berlin's beloved literary organizations have helped promote Berlin Reads. The newsletter is fortunate to have a dedicated readership of bookstore owners, business founders, published authors, journalists, editors, translators, bloggers, and overall literary enthusiasts.